Get Mashup; GSA ComDes Shoreditch


I took on a general management role through my work with the curation team. We redesigned the layout of the exhibition spaces, considering new ways to present different formats of work, ranging from interactive applications and film to wall mounted and portfolio works. The new format received positive feedback at both locations from both the designers involved and industry members. Outside of the management of the work I dealt with the logistics of the work being shown in two completely different venues and managed the preparation, building and take down. I also positioned myself as a general point of contact for teams handling specific tasks, such as financial management, sponsorship, marketing and coordination of labour and facilitating the best communications between them all as possible. I initiated and managed a Kickstarter crowd funding initiative that exceeded its goal, enabling us to restructure our presence in the larger show and to take the show to London for two days.


Never Follow Studios

Eskdale St

Glasgow, G42 8UD