Strong Women of Clydeside

Strong Women of Clydeside; Protest and Histories Working Group

The Strong Women of Clydeside: Histories and Protest Working Group was established in 2012 by artist Dr tsBeall. The working group came together to research the hidden histories of prominent female figures along the Clyde, and were tasked with designing a public communication route via walking and performance to engage the local community in the history of women's suffrage in Govan, Glasgow. HLF, The Riverside Museum, Glasgow University.

As part of the working team, I co-produced heritage materials, content and live event planning. During my time working with the team I performed a variety of tasks including; ​ Copywriting Content planning and structure Documentary photography Graphic design Transcription of audio files Digitization of archive materials Exhibition planning Oral history training Event production (Heritage walks, awareness events, talks and seminars)


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