The needs and challenges of a design project can be varied and NFS is flexible and responsive to the changing design climate. Our products are designed to ensure effective communication across brands and platforms. Always keeping the user at the centre of the work, we not only look for exciting and engaging solutions but also routes to sustainable, ecologically sound process and behaviours in practice. 


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Stakeholder - or user focused - project research and design

Research, proposals, prototyping, testing and feedback

Internal and external communication development 

Audience engagement strategy

Team building, project management and mentorship

Service delivery and review

Value assessment and process structuring 

User and service design processing

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We engage in a purist form of desig processing following best design standards and practice set by the UK Design Council. 


groups - resource development  - digital accessibility

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The use of organised groups for social and practical development is a common tool in a range of sectors. It is important to find the best format that works for you and your service users. Assessing how the content, structure, resourcing and delivery of your group work services can allow you to find better ways of communicating with your desired audience effectively and consistently

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